EP-M150T is a metal powder bed printer that has a fully oriented approach to the world of dentistry. You can professionally print dental metal crowns, bridges and brackets. It has improved powder feeding and sieving.

Machine model EP-M150T
Workspace (X/Y/Z) Φ153mmx80mm³
Optic system Fibra laser, 200W (Simple laser or dual optional)
Beam size 70 μm
Maximum scanning speed 8m/s
Layer thickness Laser 200W: 20 μm – 50 μm
Print speed Individual laser: 5~20 cm3/h
Dual laser: 8~35 cm3/h
Materials Titanium alloy, cobalt chrome.
Energy supply 220V, 50 / 60Hz, 4,2kW, 14A (laser dual: 5,8KW, 19A)
Gas supply Ar/N2
Oxygen in chamber ≤100ppm
Dimensions (Width/Depth/Height) 1750*810*1830 mm3
Weigth 900 kg
Software EP-Hatch, EP Control
Input format STL or other convertible file

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