HP160-13 is an industrial robot, with a payload of 160 kg and a maximum reach of 3128 mm. Used for material handling jobs. It supports Hi5a driver.

Ítem Specs Remarks
Robot Model HP 160
Payload 160 kg Including the hand weigh
Structure Articulated
Grados de libertad 4 Axis
Capacity Box 1300 CPH When moving at a
100% load ratio,
including the hand
Bag 1558 CPH
Note: This capacity varies on loading
condition/system configuration method.
Max. working
Swivel (S) ±180°
□1400 2614 mm
□1600 2180 mm
Wrist (W) ±360°
Wrist permissible inertia 78 kg⋅㎡
Accuracy of position repeatability ±0.5 mm
Ambient Temperature 0 ~ 45℃ (273 ~ 318 K)
Robot’s Weight  1250 Kg
Working envelope section area 5.76 ㎡

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