HX400S is an industrial robot that has a 400kg payload and 3106mm maximum reach. It is used in spot welding, material handling, sealing, and assembly work. Compatible with Hi5a-S80 controller.

Item Specs
Robot model HX400S
Payload 400 kg
Strucutre Articulated
Freedom degrees 6 Axis
Max. working envelope Arm S Swivel ±180º
H Horizontal +95°~ -50°
V Vertical +60°~-60°
Wrist R2 Rotation 2 ±360°
B Bending ±120°
R1 Rotation 1 ±360°
Arm S Swivel 85°/s
H Horizontal 85°/s
V Vertical 85/s
Wrist R2 Rotation 2 100/s
B Bending 100°/s
R1 Rotation 1 160°/s
Wrist torque R2 Rotation 2 1960 N⋅m (200Kgf⋅m)
B Doblado 1960 N⋅m (200Kgf⋅m)
R1 Rotación 1 823 N⋅m ( 84Kgf⋅m)
Accuracy of position repeatability ±0.08 mm
Ambient Temperature 0 ~ 45 °C (273 ~ 318 K)
Robot weigth 2,950Kg
Working envelope section area 5.89 ㎡

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