High-performing Turning Center, designed with advanced technology, shows great performance in rigidity and precision



  • Sturdiness secured through the adoption of an all Axis box guide
  • All-in-one type structure with direct link for high accuracy and sturdiness
  • Based on double anchor method for high accuracy pretension
  • Minimized heat deformation in the main spindle
  • Gear box used for the main spindle (L600/700 Series : 3 step/ L800 Series : 2 step)
  • Structural design featuring the major axis capable of processing a maximum length of 3,250mm (127.9″) (Long Bed Type)
Description Unit L600LA
Size (L x W x H) mm 8,715 × 3,075 x 2,700
Weight kg 23,500
Max Turning Dia mm 920
Max Turning Length mm 3,250
Chuck Size inch 18″
Driving Method GEAR
Spindle RPM r/min 1,800
Spindle Output kW 45/37
Spindle Torque N.m 5,610/4,621
Travel(X/Z) mm 500/3,280
Rapid Travel(X/Z) m/min 12/12
Slide Type BOX
No. of Tools EA 12
Tool Size mm 32/80
Milling Tool Speed r/min
Power Supply kVA 50
Voltage V/Hz 220/60 (200/50)

Specifications are subject to change without notice for quality improvement.
In case of any further information, please refer to the machine catalogue.


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