STL 42


Specialized 9-axis turret type sliding head machine with powerful Siemens 840D controller (42mm)


· Adopted built-in motor with hydraulic cylinder for strong chucking power
· Provides the new HMI screen and improved software functions for machining & operating convenience
NC Siemens 840D
Max. machining diameter (mm) Ø42
Z1 Stroke (mm) 420 282 (H), 125 (N)
Main spindle Speed (rpm) 6,000
Motor (kW) 22
OD tool No. of tools 5 (□20mm)
Cross drill No. of tools 5 (ER20)
Speed (rpm) 6,000
Motor (kW) 2.59
Turret unit No. of tools 1 Unit (10 Station)
No. of tools max. 30EA (□20, ER20)
Tool type VDI 30 (Option : BMT 45)
Sub spindle Speed (rpm) 6,000
Motor (kW) 22
Back tool No. of tools 9 (ER20)
(3 Fixed + 6 Driven)
Speed (rpm) 6,000
Motor (kW) 2.13
Machine size (L x W x H) (mm) 3,580 x 2,060 x 1,980
Weight (kg) 7,330
Power consumption (Cable size) 40kVA, 26.7kW (VCTF 16SQ x 4C)
Air flow rate (Liter/Min) 20 ~ 30 (Hydraulic device capacity : 30L)

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